4 Major Benefits of a Fireplace

Flames of a wide fire

We’ve gotten soft, haven’t we? You know you’re domesticated when you have to create problems just to feel alive. For example, today’s youth play sports because they’re not allowed to fight in wars, yet they have a primal yearning for violence and competition, so sports simulate war. Video games simulate an exciting life by creating problems to solve that can only be conquered by hard work or Google. And then camping is…well, listen, if you find sleeping in a soft, warm bag inside a waterproof tent thrilling, you’ve been domesticated. Our lives are so comfortable. Well, in a similar but better way, owning a fireplace is also simulating some primal needs and expressions – like our connection to nature, the need to create, the satisfaction of providing for one’s own need with hands-on heat production. In fact, there are several significant benefits of a fireplace. Let’s look.

The Therapeutic Effect

Fires, when properly controlled, are quite relaxing, of course. A fire is a soul’s lullaby. There’s more, though. Fires are inspirational. No one has deep philosophical discussions around a floor vent. Plus, fires exude dignity, create a connection with nature, even tie the present with the past within the home and their guests. No one hangs family portraits over a space heater. Sure, some other forms of heat are more convenient, just like using a roller is often easier than using a fine paint brush, but you lose something with the sterility and disconnected feel of most other forms. Fire is like living art, cathartic and expressive. (We may have laid it on a little thick there. Sorry. It’s just that it’s late and even the talk of a fire has brought out the poetry. Okay, we’ll stop now.)

Money, Money, Money

Few things are more therapeutic for a homeowner than saving money. First of all, one benefit of a fireplace is that an efficient one can reduce the need for heat from a primary source. Plus, they are the best zone heaters. Since fireplaces are often put in the room used by multiple people, and during peak usage times for the home, a proper fire can greatly reduce the cost of central heating. Couple that with the added value to your home’s worth, as well as the other benefits of a fireplace, such as the gentle massaging of the soul already mentioned and creating awesome aesthetics, and suddenly the return on investment is getting higher. 


Depending on the type you buy, one of the benefits of a fireplace is that it will often work even when the electricity is out. In addition, many fuel sources for central systems are not easily acquired by an individual. We don’t have massive batteries for electricity, for example, but most people can store wood or pellets. Having autonomy and security are serious pluses for most people. Chances are it will also make it easier to sell the house if the next owners have the same love of self-sufficiency. 


Just like the paint brush can express ideas and create effects a roller cannot, with certain fireplaces based on type, style, and features of the system, you can create many moods. Classy, rugged, rustic, modern, minimalistic, ornate, sleek, bold, discreet, nostalgic, or certainly a timeless appeal are all easily created. Many people even choose to make a fireplace the focal point of a room, often supplanting the TVs in many cases. That says a lot about the power and effect a fireplace can have on a room and a home. 

There are plenty of other benefits of a fireplace we did not get to. For example, tossing important papers dramatically into the flames like in a movie, or roasting chestnuts, or, for goodness gracious, making great balls. The value and uses of the right fireplace just keep going. In a completely perfect segway, do you know what else just keeps going? That’s right, our desire to pair you with the perfect fireplace for your home. The Fireplace and More Store has the experience, customer care, and passion to take your suppressed primal need for a fire and make it so! Contact us when you’re ready!

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