Become the Rock Star Party Host With an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor stone fireplace on a wooden deck

We all know Randy. No, not every Randy is named Randy. But we all know that guy with the crisp New Balance shoes he has saved for cookouts in his backyard. He has a grill so sexy it should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. A Randy is a fantastic party host. He may have his outdoor furniture arranged like feng shui so that every person can feel the spiritual power of a well groomed and orderly setting. He has the full force of all five senses coming at you. Taste, Smell, Sound, Sight, and Touch. He could ask for money and you would pay it, but all he wants is your family’s home run baked beans to enhance the party even more. God bless the Randy’s. 

Well, at The Fireplace and More Store, we want to help even the greatest party host transcend into a new role. This is not a Super Randy, like a Ken. We have to think bigger. What we propose is a role that takes into account a Hierarchy of Needs that all humans have. And we assert that this role is best accomplished with installing an outdoor fireplace. Let us explain.

Level One: Physical Safety and Sustenance

Is it not true that heat is the best way to stave off the cold? And would you agree that a fireplace outdoors is a great source of heat? We can conclude then that a fireplace is an excellent means to keeping your company warm when the weather is cool. Adding a covering, as one we might see on a patio or terrace, and friends and family will flee to the security of the flames. Solidify your purpose by providing some tasty food and you might be asked to consider yourself a godparent of certain kids, especially your own. 

Level Two: Emotional and Relational Security

People need a sense of belonging and being a party host requires you to bring people together. A fire in a group setting has magical powers of healing from loneliness and division. People open their hearts and minds near fire. If things get too weird be sure there is adequate ventilation and check the firebox to make sure it wasn’t spiked with peyote. Another responsibility you have as party host is to have a dog. Remember, all dogs are therapy dogs to an introvert at a party. They can only avoid conversation so long by eating and going to the bathroom, so just get a doggo or pupper and keep bite sized snacks for the introvert to lure the dog into petting range.

Level Three: Understanding and Expression

A wise person once said (sorry, we can’t remember the name) that the beginning of wisdom is to know how much you don’t know. We’re pretty sure that was Gandhi, but we feel wise to know we don’t know who said it, and to look it up would only make us less wise. What we do know, though, through our many years of experience is that a well-chosen outdoor fireplace provides people a chance to learn from others and to share their views. Fires are notorious for getting people to open up to others. 

Level Four: Purpose and Values

Humans need to know themselves, see themselves from the point of view of others, know their roles and effects on the big picture, and evaluate and apply truth. In other words, to be truly satisfied as people, we have to know what matters and our relationship to it. In the scheme of life, an outdoor fireplace opens the doors of perception through its aesthetics, like a visual opiate. For example, you may see yourself as simply a party host, but with the right outdoor fireplace from The Fireplace and More Store, you can be a muse, prophet, or another “life coach.” When your friends start writing down your words as you talk, you’ll know the investment was worth it. 

There are many, many advantages to having an outdoor fireplace and all that usually goes with it, from something as simple as surrounding decor to something as elaborate as kitchens, TVs, and other amenities usually reserved for celebrities, moguls, and monthly blog writers. So…if you want to be a rock star party host, we wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t argue the case for an outdoor fireplace.

The Fireplace and More Store has a great selection, decades of successful experience, and customer care that will make you wish you could have a fireplace in every room. Contact us and give us a chance to help you live your best life by upgrading your home, even on the outside. 

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