Dreaming About and Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor stone patio with fireplace and chairs

One of the exciting trends in home design right now is building an outdoor fireplace that adds comfort and value to your property. Sometimes they are opulent with dazzling accessories. Sometimes they are classic, rugged, or minimalistic. Well, the trend doesn’t need to rest in magazines and on cable shows. At The Fireplace and More Store, we can make that a reality for you. To that end, we carry Outdoor Lifestyles products by Hearth & Home Technologies, which is a great outdoor fireplace company with a strong reputation, excellent build quality, and wide selection. 

Hearth & Home Technologies boasts a “constructive discontent” that leads them to continually improve their products, always looking for designs and processes to tweak, which will help them stay ahead of their competition and give you the best fireplaces possible. We also carry other Hearth & Home lines: SimpliFire, Quadra-fire, Heat & Glo, Monessen, and Fireside. While these are available in stoves, fireplaces, or inserts, and using wood, gas, pellets, or electric in some cases, it’s the outdoor hearths we want to dream about. 

H&H’s Outdoor Lifestyles line embodies that commitment to excellence. If homeowners are going to invest good money into a permanent fixture of the property like building an outdoor fireplace, the components need to be well-designed, well-constructed, and well-fitted to the purpose. Knowing this, at The Fireplace and More Store we confidently offer many products from their Outdoor Lifestyles brand: 

Think about it. Let your brain begin building an outdoor fireplace setting. It will be like Minecraft but for people that leave the basement. There’s a stone or brick hearth with a broad sitting area. You’re in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage in the cupholder. Your feet brush across the stone textured patio surface and you can smell the barbecue grill sizzling meat and roasting vegetables. Someone else has just mowed the lawn (we’re fantasizing). Picture friends or family pulling up chairs to a table. Everyone just laughed at one of your mediocre jokes. They don’t know how funny you can really be. Just wait till you hit ‘em with a big one. A friend says he saw your ex at the store and they had gained a lot of weight. They obviously have not handled the break up well. It’s time to get up and take the steaks off the grill. There is a breeze and it will be sunset soon but that’s okay because you have those insect torches. We’ll pretend they work. Life is good.

At The Fireplace and More Store we’re in the business of comfort, style, safety, value, and vision. Contact us and we’ll help you dream, plan, and start building an outdoor fireplace set up that will make you want to stay home, entertain guests, lounge around after a hard day (or easy day), play Minecraft on your phone, or breathe in the aesthetics of your creation. Let’s do it!

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