Gas vs Electric Fireplaces and Your Burning Questions

A picture of a SimpliFire electric fireplace

Not since the advent of the fire have things been so heated (sorry, couldn’t resist). People get fired up over the debate between gas vs electric fireplaces (okay, we’ll stop). We at The Fireplace and More Store are not blowing smoke - there are real advantages and disadvantages to each. To help smelt out the truth from the opinion, here’s a semi-helpful graphic. It would really bless us if you would take the time to look at it. It did take us nearly ten minutes to produce and an embarrassing amount of fiery discussions with the computer over basic formatting issues. 

We know you just looked ahead at the graphic. Don’t think we didn’t see it. A visual organizer is too attractive and more like a visual mesmerizer, much like watching the flames of a fireplace. Not since the caveman - sitting around a crackling, earthy hearth barbecuing a buffalo leg wishing it were a Buffalo wing - has anyone found the following graphic so engulfing. As we turn you loose to look again at this chart, we want you to know that some people would disagree with some of our answers, but also that it’s okay for them to be wrong. This is America. 






















Now that we’ve given you some kindling, we feel the need to explain these decisions a little so you don’t get burned. First of all, both the gas vs electric fireplaces are excellent choices. Just because the electric is statistically safer does not mean the gas is unsafe. We fell into the trap of a false dichotomy and had no choice. Well, technically we had a choice, but you get the idea.

We can feel some of you smolder with disagreement that the gas fireplace would be labeled as more aesthetically pleasing, but as you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as well as the beholder of the keyboard, which is us. Electric fireplaces have come a long, long way and, frankly, we would listen to any argument suggesting electric fireplaces are visually superior. It’s just hard to escape the appeal of a physical flame. 

A few notes on gas vs electric fireplace differences: 

  • Initial costs for a gas fireplace are around $2,500 to $7,500, while an electric fireplace will set you back only around $500 to $2,500. 

  • Electric fireplaces are now available with many features that make them more realistic or create a higher aesthetic value such as sound effects, videos, and even holograms now. It’s madness. The world of fireplaces is ablaze with options and the number of purchases for electric fireplaces is spreading like wildfire. (Call us and tell us if this joke is getting too tedious.) 

  • Environmentally conscious homeowners have great options from both gas vs electric fireplaces. Natural gas is surprisingly clean and can surpass the efficiency of the production of electric energy. Hey, we don’t make the rules. 

  • Other considerations might be that either type can extend the lifespan of your furnace due to alleviating the need for central heat for targeted or high use areas. Also, it’s worth noting that resale value and return on investment may depend on demographics of your area, how long you keep your home, and cultural trends. For example, the future may favor electric appliances. 

We hope we’ve sparked your desire for a fireplace and maybe helped you cook up an idea or two about how to make your home exactly what you want it to be. We’re in the business of helping people dream and then providing them with suggestions, sales, and service that are unmatched in our area. If we can help you dream or answer any questions concerning gas vs electric fireplaces or anything else fireplace related, contact us. We look forward to meeting and dreaming with you!  

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