Hmm. Maybe You Should Consider the Best Electric Fireplace Inserts and Fireplaces From Simplifire

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So you love the idea of a traditional fireplace. You may imagine the bone-snuggling, radiant heat and envision a stone or brick hearth with stockings over a mantle with pictures or seasonal decorations on it. If you’ve seen a lot of cartoons, you might picture a bear skin rug. But alas, there are reasons you can’t have or don’t want that type of fireplace. Well, you don’t have to feel like a vegan at a barbeque when you see what others have anymore. For you, our friend, The Fireplace & More Store carries the best electric fireplace inserts and fireplaces by Simplifire.

Hear us out. Unlike a vegan who will look you dead in the eyes with a placid face and compare ground cauliflower to mashed potatoes, we have a truly excellent alternative to the iconic, traditional heating units. You can still have the hearths, mantles, or disturbing rugs if you want, but the benefits of the electric fireplaces in many ways surpass its classic cousins. Consider a few things before you give up on your dream of owning a fireplace:

  • Electric fireplaces can go where vented heaters can’t, like anywhere building codes forbid them or homes without gas availability or lack of easily acquired firewood. We even offer Simplifire’s wall-mount model for homes without an existing fireplace or inability to modify or frame a recess. The wall-mount model provides the benefits of zone heat without the investment of a permanent unit in a location that’s not your forever home. 
  • Our Simplifire products allow you to maintain the aesthetics of your historically-styled varieties. Inserts can be built right into existing hearths and fireplaces come in many styles and sizes. Pair that with the wonderful radiant heat that makes fireplaces so desirable and you can see why these are getting more popular. 
  • We offer electric models with versatility of placement and style that allows your heat source to fit with any motif. Simplifire can match a home’s themes and personality, evoking a modern, rugged, classy, simple, or sleek atmosphere. Models also range in application as a discrete fixture or as the focal point of a room as desired. From log cabin to industrial chic studio apartment, electric fireplaces are more versatile than their counterparts.  
  • The best fireplace inserts and fireplaces are safe (no carbon monoxide), efficient, expertly designed, dependable, clean, aesthetically attractive, and critical to the function and personality of the home and its owners. 
  • Electric units are eco-responsible, using less wood and fossil fuel, emitting no detrimental gases, and allowing you to keep certain rooms at cooler temperatures to reduce energy use.         

No shade to wood or gas heat, but sometimes - and it’s hard for us to understand - living spaces are built without the capacity or conduciveness for zone heating sources. For some, electric units are best. If you want to create the aesthetics and ambiance of the fireplace of your desires, but would rather use a remote control more and chop wood less, consider a Simplifire solution. And consider The Fireplace & More Store. We have the expert knowledge, extensive selection, and extreme passion to give you the home you’ve always wanted! Contact us today!

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