Questions to Ask Salespersons About Fireplaces

A fireplace with an active fire burning

Everyday our salespersons at The Fireplace and More Store get asked about how we can be so awesome and still stay so humble. Okay, not exactly in those words. Okay, we actually ask ourselves that in the mirror. Anyway, when you come to us, we do hope you’ll bring questions with you. We have decades of combined experience and wisdom and we can’t wait to share it. Our friends and family are tired of hearing about fireplaces, so please help us out. Here are some suggestions for questions to ask our salespersons.



  • I see the price of the units. What is the total cost estimate?
  • What is the maintenance like on these options?
  • What warranty comes with the fireplaces?
  • What can I do myself and when should I call The Fireplace and More Store?
  • Who will be doing the repairs or maintenance?
  • Can I call with questions after the sale?

BURNING QUESTIONS (see what we did there?)

We won’t be able to answer all the questions outside of our field, like we don’t really know why the Old English people couldn’t come up with a better name than “fire-place” - you know, a place for fire. Really original, guys. Seems they missed an opportunity to call wood, “burning things.” But, we can answer the questions that matter to keeping you and your cohabitants safe, warm, relaxed, and happy in your home. 

We love our business because we get to sell products we believe in to people we care about. We know that fireplaces are safe, stylish, practical, and they add value and enjoyment in your home. The only thing missing is you. So contact us. Give us a call or come by and see us at The Fireplace and More Store! We’re waiting for you. 

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