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If you’re seeing this blog because you want to know how to find fireplaces online, it’s good news and bad news for both you and us at The Fireplace and More Store. The bad news is there may be some reason you can’t leave your home. There are countless reasons you may be searching for how to buy fireplaces at home, and most of them aren’t great. However, the good news is that shopping for fireplaces online is easy. Never before have so many options been readily accessible, and the online free market allows the prices to lower and quality to increase due to all the competition. As you can imagine, there are some disadvantages. 

Let’s take an honest look at shopping for fireplaces online compared to in-person shopping. First of all, the process can be intimidating. You may be picturing a few things right now:

  • Sifting through dozens of company sites, looking at hundreds of models of fireplaces, and reading thousands of reviews 
  • Getting on Yelp because you don’t know where to start
  • Smoking a cigarette out of stress even though you don’t smoke
  • Calling your mother just to hear her voice of comfort
  • Buying the wrong fireplace and having to pay shipping twice and cause Jeff Bezos to come back in his rocket and undeliver the hundreds-pound package
  • Assembling the unit from tiny parts like a 3-D Lego project
  • Being alone to make the decision and having no “real person” to ask questions to
  • Ending up on 15 junk mail lists because you had to register to get a quote 

But the reality is the good news. We understand that shopping for fireplaces online has its advantages. With the vast opportunities through the Internet, you can:

  • See side-by-side comparisons of models that include specs and ratings
  • Read ratings and blogs from other homeowners
  • Enjoy a wide selection of both brands and models
  • Save money (likely, if you can install it yourself)

Those advantages are true and valid. However, there are downsides to online shopping. For sure, we do not recommend buying from a random place online. If the seller isn’t a full-service, beginning-to-end company, you may find the headaches are not worth any cost savings. There are simply too many variables to go this alone. Home improvement places will often sell you fireplaces online, but this is a major appliance that involves many facets of your home, including safety. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have the necessary skills (and sometimes license) to manage the gas or electrical connections? Besides the unnecessary hours and sweat you may spend trying to install the fireplace, many warranties are void if the unit is not installed by a certified technician. The same goes for your homeowner’s insurance.  
  • Do you know exactly what you need, want, and can have based on the limitations of your home? This may be something you don’t want to wing, because some things shouldn’t be winged (or is it “wung,” we weren’t sure which was right so we went with the one without the squiggly lines under it.) Fitting the right person and right home with the right system is something professional fireplace experts do everyday. We can ask you some questions, learn about your home, hear your vision and needs, and help you make a good choice on a unit. 
  • Do you think you’ll need a support specialist? We ask because it’s not uncommon for people to buy a fireplace, with no prior knowledge of the product or how to maintain and install it, and then need help. No judgment. We all do it with other products. The problem is that the home improvement stores are not great at helping people after the sale. They often turn customers over to the manufacturer’s support staff, which is a hit or miss proposition. We have trained support staff available for your call.
  • Do you feel lucky? These projects have a way of throwing curve balls. You may have bought the wrong fireplace, the installation may not be as straightforward as you would like, or you may find online forums and manufacturers’ support inadequate. Having an expert can save you a lot of money, time, and trouble. 

The problem with forums and ratings is you have untrained, inexperienced people giving you their thoughts based on their singular purchase. We have serviced, in some capacity, dozens of models and hundreds of units. We will talk with you at your pace and guide you in the process. We’ll look at:

  • Type of fuel
  • Location options
  • Materials
  • Volume to heat and other variables
  • Proper measurements
  • Appearance
  • Limitations of infrastructure and design

The best of both worlds would be to talk to The Fireplace and More Store about your home and options, then research fireplaces online, then have us sell you the right system and walk with you through the entire process - from the dreaming stage to after the job is closed. You will not be alone in this project. 

The Fireplace and More Store is a company of professionals who love hearth and home and their fellow humans. Contact us, we’d love to meet you and get a chance to earn your business! 

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