The Fireplace & More Store Offers Wood Burning Fireplace Options

A photo of a fire lit inside of the Heat & Glo Northstar Wood Fireplace from The Fireplace & More Store

Whether you need something to help keep you warm in the winter, or a nice, relaxing focal point for your home throughout the year, The Fireplace & More Store has what you need! A wood burning fireplace is always a great option for those who want to add a fireplace to their home for comfort and beauty.

While there are many great aspects about our other fireplaces, there are several benefits to owning a wood burning fireplace. These advantages include: 

Natural Heating & Lighting: Of course, this one goes without saying. Having a wood fireplace in your home means that you can reap the benefits of natural heat and lighting while providing a beautiful place to gather with your friends and family. 

Power Outages: Another great thing about having a wood burning fireplace is that it comes in handy during power outages. Instead of needing a generator, just throw some wood in your fireplace, light it up, and take advantage of the natural heat and lighting! 

Save Money: While gas fireplaces definitely have their own perks, wood burning ones tend to be more cost effective. That’s because, when you run a gas fireplace, you’re constantly using gas the entire time you have it running. However, with wood fireplaces, all you need is wood, and more times than not, even the highest quality wood comes out cheaper than gas. 

Environmentally Friendly: Since wood is a sustainable resource, wood burning fireplaces are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Wood also doesn’t release as much carbon dioxide as fossil fuels when burned. 

Easy to Take Care Of: Despite what you may believe about wood fireplace, they’re actually easy to maintain! Just be sure to wait until the ash has cooled before scooping up and removing the ash from the bottom of your fireplace. Be sure to dispose of it into a metal container. 

Our wood burning fireplace products come in several different designs - from more classic looks to modern styles. When you’re ready to purchase a new fireplace, be sure to contact us and we’ll find the perfect fit for you!

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