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A photo of a  Quadra-Fire Expedition II Wood Insert with a fire in it inside of a living room.

Do you have an area in your home where there’s an existing fireplace, but need to give it a little bit of a makeover? Instead of opting for the more expensive option of installing a whole new fireplace all together, consider a wood burning fireplace insert from The Fireplace & More Store!

What’s A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert?

For those of you who may never heard of a wood fireplace insert - let’s break it down for you. A fireplace insert is essentially a wood or gas fireplace that is created in order to fit into existing fireplaces in your home. It’s as simple as that! But what exactly are the benefits of purchasing a wood burning fireplace insert vs. a traditional wood burning fireplace?

We’re glad you asked! There are several great reasons for getting one of these traditional fireplace alternatives, including:

They’re Energy Efficient: The design of a fireplace insert allows for a hotter and longer lasting fire - giving some models over 80% efficiency! Fireplace insert designs will also redistribute heat throughout your home rather than losing it through a chimney

They’re Good for the Environment: Did you know that wood is one of the best fuels for the environment? That’s right - since it’s a sustainable resource that’s completely renewable, it definitely makes less of an impact on the environment around you in comparison to other fuel sources. Wood is also considered to be a carbon-neutral fuel! 

They’ll Help With Your Heating Bills: Tired of high heating bills in the cold Missouri winters? Then get a wood fireplace insert! They’re designed to increase heat output in certain zones of your home. Also, when a wood burning fireplace insert is usually installed with insulation, which will help keep the heat inside. 

There are many different wood burning fireplace inserts on the market, including the Quadra-Fire Expedition II Wood Insert. This steel wood insert is easy to operate and has a four-point burn system as well as Automatic Combustion Control for impressive, easy-to-start fires.

Are you thinking about getting a fireplace insert? We’re happy to answer all the questions you may have! Be sure to contact us to learn more.

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