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Good things come in fours: suits of playing cards, bases in baseball, fingers on the hand of an amateur firework shooter, directions on a compass, and seasons. The Fireplace and More Store offers Quadra-fire heating products because they know a little something about Four. Quadra-fire’s four-point burn system sets the bar for efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience.

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A Quadra-fire insert, fireplace, or stove uses less fuel than conventional systems, while burning hot and leaving less residue to clean. Quadra-fire does this by having four distinct combustion cycles in the firebox. The fuel is burned in the bottom, in the front, under the ceiling baffles, and then above a lofted fourth chamber, which is designed to eliminate impurities. The four combustion zones make sure the maximum amount of energy is released from the least amount of wood, pellets, or gas. The Quadra-fire system gets more out of less. That means less money, time, and energy from you. 

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  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Pellets


  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Pellets


  • Wood

There’s something innately alluring about a good fire. It’s mesmerizing, soothing, hypnotizing. Our draw to fire is so primal and strong that well into the 21st Century most people still enjoy the direct heat from wood or gas. A Quadra-fire insert, fireplace, or stove produces a beautiful fire - one so good your ancestors would be proud. When you invest in a quality hearth product, you touch on something timeless. 

We are excited to be carrying the Quadra-fire line of heating products. If you are interested in a well-crafted, well-designed, efficient, eco-friendly, clean, low maintenance Quadra-fire insert, fireplace, or stove, give The Fireplace and More Store a call at 417-781-4500 or email us at sales@thefireplaceandmorestore.com. We cherish each relationship we have with our customers. Give us a chance to build a relationship with you! 

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