What to Do With a Fireplace in Summer

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Wow! You’re here. That’s…we’ll be honest, we thought you would be polishing your boat or weeding your beet garden. But we’re excited you’re with us for our blog. We’re wanting to give some ideas to people about what to do with a fireplace in summer. If you have any suggestions, just let us know. (Not from you, Jason, we know you’re not growing beets and we fail to see how that relates to fireplaces.) 

First of all, we need to be on the same page about the type of fireplaces we mean. You got your outdoor fireplaces, your indoor fireplaces, stoves, inserts, pellet fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and you even got your patio fire pits. Basically if it is a “place of fire” it qualifies as a fireplace. The term “fireplace” by the way was invented by the same people that brought you the very literal terms, “haircut” and “sweater.” Okay, so here are some things to consider about what to do with your fireplace in summer.

Should You Use a Fireplace in the Summertime?

As you might expect, it varies depending on the type of fireplace and the weather conditions. Obviously well ventilated units like fire pits and grills are fine. However, units with flues require a strong draft to pull the smoke, particulates, and gasses up and out. In the cooler weather, the pressure difference between the warm and cool air sucks the warm air up. Conversely, when the temperature outside is warm, there is less draft. This lack of ventilation can, among other harmful effects, cause creosote to build inside the flue. The “tar fog” hangs and settles onto the nice, cool flue. So, firepits and other self-ventilating units are fine, and electric units are fine in heat-off modes, but save the other uses till the weather is cooler than the inside of the home.

What NEEDS to Be Done in the Summertime?

If you haven’t already done this in your warm weather prep in the spring, make sure you schedule a professional chimney inspection and cleaning. Of the dangers associated with a heating unit, the integrity of the components and the ventilation comprise almost all the risk. A thorough inspection, repair, and cleaning are crucial. Let The Fireplace and More Store help with this. We have the know how and resources to keep you safe. This is also a great time to clean the units beyond the maintenance service. In addition to its added safety, a clean system will go a long way in aiding the aesthetics of a room.

Okay, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Speaking of aesthetics, summertime is a great opportunity to decorate your fireplace. The lengthy warm season allows for putting in some effort and resources and then getting paid back tenfold in enjoyment. Since a fireplace is often a focal point of a room and a huge part of the first impression for visitors, it would be a real missed opportunity to leave it bare. Some of the trends include: 

  • Painting the firebox

  • Highlighting an object, like an urn or plant

  • Supporting a motif or theme - like rustic, classy, modern, minimalistic, or others - by filling the firebox with objects such as wood, candles, books, or holiday decorations 

  • Dedicating the fireplace as a centerpiece by getting a decorative cover, usually ornate or to tie the room together in color or patterns

Lesser Known Functions for a Summertime Fireplace

You won’t find these anywhere else, folks. You can use a fireplace in summer to:

  • Burn the swimsuit that said it was one-size-fits-all

  • Send smoke signals in Morse Code with notes of discouragement

  • Crank it up and create your own hot yoga room so you can be bossy and call yourself a trainer

  • Get hypnotized by the fire and call your friends, demanding conversation about existential questions

The Fireplace and More Store has your back in winter or summer or in between. So whether you have questions of purchasing, safety, maintenance, or simply more questions about what to do with a fireplace in summer, contact us.  

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